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iTrack is a personalized 5-10 month Israel experience program that is designed for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30. The goal is for each participant to build a program that suits his or her specific needs and desires. Every participant, together with the iTrack staff, builds a program that suits the experience that he or she wants to have while in Israel. All programs include Ulpan and monthly excursions and cultural events in order help you to get to know Israel. Program costs range from $4500 (without food, flight, and stipends) up to $8000. MASA grants are available which can help significantly reduce the cost of your program and priority is given to participants receiving grants.

Programs lasting 3-4 months are available but without scholarships from MASA.

Housing in Tel-Aviv is generally in the Beit Milman Dorms at Tel-Aviv University. If you choose to reside in the dorms then you will share an apartment with another iTrack participant. The dorms have been recently upgraded and now include with a television, wi-fi, and air-conditioner units. All apartments have beds, linen, towels, a desk and chairs, a fridge, pots and pans, cutlery, and a stove-top.

Scroll down to read more about some of our sample programs and to learn about the application process.

Please let us know which personalized option interests you most, whether you would like to design your program from scratch, or whether you would like to mix and match various components from the options provided. Through our program you have the option to pursue anything that interests you so research organizations and volunteer programs that appeal to YOU.


  • A completely personalized experience
  • Opportunity to combine the aspects of any Israel experience you most want

Here are a few examples and guidelines of our extensive list of opportunities. They can be changed and altered to fit any program:

iTrack City and Kibbutz

  1. Volunteering at a Kibbutz for 2 months
  2. Volunteering in Tel Aviv in different fields of interests
  3. Hebrew Ulpan or Kibbutz Ulpan

iTrack Chef

  1. Internship in the Tel Aviv Tourism Sector
  2. Cooking Courses with the Hebrew Chef
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Health

  1. Volunteering at the Israeli Red Cross and receiving a first-aid license
  2. Volunteering at one of the Israeli hospitals
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Service

  1. Volunteering at the Israeli Red Cross and receiving a first-aid license
  2. Following an intensive 2-month army preparation
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Children

  1. Volunteering at one of the childrens’ institutes (children at risk or refugees)
  2. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Judaism

  1. Free listener at the University-courses
  2. Following a semester of Jewish Teaching at Alma College in Tel Aviv
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Film/Television

  1. Interning with several moviemakers in Israel
  2. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Environment

  1. Volunteering at the Society for the Protection of Endangered Animals
  2. Volunteering at the ecological wildfarm at Kibbutz Lotan in the South
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Krav Maga

  1. Study Krav Maga, Jujitsu, and/or Mixed Martial Arts at Shalom College in the Negev
  2. Volunteering with underprivileged children and families in the South
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Clean Tech

  1. Internship in a government office or NGO related to clean technology and environment
  2. Hebrew Ulpan

iTrack Coexistence

  1. Volunteering at one of the centers of coexistence throughout Israel
  2. Following an Arabic class per week
  3. Hebrew Ulpan

Or create your own program from scratch!

iTrack (in Hebrew, Maslul Ishi) means your personal track. The program enables you to form your own personal experience in Israel. We work together with you to create a program that best fits your interests and needs. .

1. Registration Form: As a first step, click on Registration and fill in the Registration Form. This will send your information to our registration office and one of our staff members will get back to you via email.

2. Dialogue: At this point a dialogue is open between you and one of our registration personnel. We will work together to form the best program for you. This process can take up to two weeks and during this time a two sided conversation takes place where we listen to your ideas and interests, and propose additional options as needed. You will tell us the date you would like to arrive, the time length of your program, where you would like to live, and any other aspects that are important for you. The purpose of this dialogue is to build your own personal program created by you with our assistance to fully satisfy what you want to get out of your experience in Israel. During this process our staff member will be in touch with you via phone and e-mail to ensure the required flexibility to compose a program for you.

3. Program Cost: After we compose together a program for you, we can provide you with the cost of such a program.

4. Application for MASA Scholarship: Upon final decision on your program, you should apply for a MASA Israel Journey grant/scholarship at

5. Signing Contracts: Once you receive the MASA grant/scholarship, you need to fill out and sign all the forms and contracts necessary to complete the registration process for your iTrack program.

6. Welcome to Israel! (Come to us with your ideas, we will help you form the program for you!)
You can begin your iTrack program ANY time you would like but please allow for at least 6 weeks of planning and tailoring from the time we receive your application.
Please contact Emma at to receive application forms
Rebecca Senn
Boston, USA

"My name is Rebecca Senn, I am 23 years old and I am from Boston. It was a great decision to join Maslul Ishi since I was able to be part of the group for trips and cultural events yet at the same time I took Hebrew classes and independently pursued my painting career. Thanks to the program's flexibility and support for my creative projects, I rented a painting studio in the Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv and had an exhibition of my paintings which gave me the opportunity to add one more goal reached on my curriculum.

During the program, I met lots of interesting people and each one was living his or her own personal experience in Israel which gave the program a much more diverse edge than the average options.

Thank you, Maslul Ishi!"

Noah Drake
California, USA

"I came to Tel Aviv to study music at a recognized school for a year. There, I got to immerse myself in the real Israeli life with people that share the same interest and love for music that I do. I studied jazz and contemporary music while exploring my Jewish roots and myself.

With Maslul Ishi, I got to connect on a global level with people from all over the world who share the same interest and love of Jewish culture.

We went on great trips throughout the country, tasting all the different flavors this country has to offer (literally!). In the end, I'll go back to the United States with another home in my heart and will have acquired friends who I will keep in touch with for life!

Do I need to go any further? Come explore your roots, come explore yourself...”

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