Why the Maslul Ishi Israel Program is like a Falafel


Maslul Ishi also known as  iTrack is a personal journey which is open to young adults from all over the world between the ages of 17 to 30. The program enables each participant to experience Israel in a unique way, depending on individual preferences and goals. Participants, with the help and support of our professional staff, design their own program and decide what, when, how long and where to do the activities that best fits their needs, qualifications, talents and wishes.


So in order to understand what a personal program entails, let’s think of it like a good, tasty falafel, that well-known Israeli street food! One of the best features of the falafel is that none are identical: each has its own personal taste, as a result of the fact that each individual decides on the ingredients. So just like you assemble your falafel to your liking, the Maslul Ishi staff builds your program to your liking, together with you:

  • First of all, you need the pita – that round piece of bread [i.e. the program], and here you can choose between half a portion [i.e. a short program 4-5 months] or a full portion, a whole pita [a long program 8-10 months].
  • Then, we insert the ingredients without which a falafel isn’t really a falafel: the fried chickpeas balls, the hummous and the salad. Those are the basic parts that all our programs have in common: a Hebrew ulpan in the city or on a kibbutz; once a month a rich and varied cultural events ( a play, a show, an Israeli film, a concert, an excursion, a visit to a museum etc); monthly trips all over Israel; personal counseling (hadracha); social activities and medical insurance.
  • Now that the foundation of your falafel is ready, it is time to give it your own personal taste to make it perfect for you: add various ingredients to your liking, like onions, or “harif” (hot sauce), cabbage or pickles. Similarly, you can enrich your program with additional modules like a diving course, volunteering in different sectors of the Israeli society, enriching internships in recognized Israeli firms and organizations, workshops and courses in dancing, theater, photography, cooking etc; academic studies at one of the universities, Magen David Adom, Marva (2 month army program), Jewish studies, deepening your understanding of ecological sustainability.
  • And in order to make your falafel a real typical Israeli culinary experience, be sure to top it off with some tehina. What in your program will the tehina be? The possibilities are endless.

American Rachel Aistrop started out in the Maslul Ishi program as a tourist. Here is what she tells us about her program: “I arrived in Israel in July with intentions of finding happiness and fulfillment. Maslul Ishi provided me with the resources and network to start building my life. I explored Israel alongside other eager travelers and began studying Hebrew to find a deeper connection to Israeli culture. Meanwhile, I started interning at the Schoolhouse, an organization that offers adult education in English and computers to refugees and asylum seekers. I began as an assistant but was quickly offered the opportunity to teach my own English class. The dedicated students and staff inspired me and helped me discover new passions and plans.


With the help of friends, family and the encouragement of Maslul Ishi, I decided to make aliyah. I have achieved a level of happiness and purpose I didn’t know possible. Living in Israel has been the most international, dynamic and rewarding experience I’ve ever had”.

We here at Maslul Ishi iTrack are committed to creatively find a tailor made program that best suits your individual needs, and provide you with guidance and support throughout (and beyond!) your stay in Israel.

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